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PHOTOS from our first group climbed Mount Vinson. CONGRATULATIONS!


30/12/2016 20:09

We congratulate our team successfully climbed to the highest point of Antarctica - Vinson Massif. It was cold and windy, as it should be. But they made it, they were ready for the harsh conditions. Our congratulations to all the brave members and cool guides!



 Congratulations on a wonderful Mongolian climber Ganga (Gangaamaa Badamgarav) that She has completed  the program "Seven Summits"!




Elbrus - 2010

Everest - 2011

Kilimanjaro - 2012

Denali - 2015

Aconcagua, Vinson and Carstens - 2016.


Ganga, come with us to the North Pole!



















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