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12 May 2017, 06:27. Everest, all programs »

The leader of the expedition on Everest Alex Abramov from Tibet.

 Day 26. May 12.

The expedition  of the 7 summits Club Everest-2017.

Friends, we go up to the assault of Mount Everest in about an hour.

The first group is under the leadership of Alex Abramov. Daniil Briman, Eugeny Kravt, Aznaur Akkaev, Valery Tebiev, Janusz Kochanski. Here's the plan: today, May 12th  - Middle Camp, 5800. Tomorrow, May 13th  – camp ABC. The next day, 14th of May – the North Col, 7000. Then May 15th  - camp 7700. Then, May 16th  – camp 8300. Then on 17th of May, the summit bid and descent to 6400. The second group under the leadership of Sergei Larin will go after us, a day later. Wish us Luck!