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29 November 2017, 23:39. Everest, all programs »

An active member of our Club Daniil Briman, Everest climber this year in the team under the leadership of Alex Abramov, made an unusual gift to us and to all climbers. He released a beer called “8848”…



 Beer is made from water from the glaciers of mount Everest (this is unconfirmed). As confirmed by the data: hops is from the USA, malt is from Germany, juniper and Goji berries – from the Altai. Design and production - Russia.

 The first informal tasting will be held tomorrow (Thursday) at the 7 Summits Club on the lecture of Olga Rumyantseva.




And the official tasting - December 2th, at the year meeting of the Russian Mountaineering Federation. Where Alexander Abramov,  8th times Everest climber, will be presenting the medals to the climbers for Everest 2017.


We invite all mountain lovers!