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30 August 2017, 14:50

In the app - a few photos from the trip to Leh. There are more impressions from the trip… a lot more.

Ladakh is all forgiving atmosphere of real Tibetan Buddhism is multifaceted, multinational Leh, where I live next to Hindus, Tibetans, Ladakhi, Chinese,

-  friendly and smiling people,

- place where the phone is not useful to you,

- a mix of Indian, Tibetan, Chinese and European cuisine

- a clear sense of intimacy-guarded borders with patrolling helicopters and the Indian border

 and of course is mountains, which have a variety of colors - green, gray, brown, red, lilac, white.


Stok Kangri is currently not allowed me  be on the top.

But Leh did not want to let go. First the trip to the airport in Leh, the staff do not want to register on the flight, explaining that the system does not confirm my tickets.

There is a reason to come back.