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13 September 2017, 21:39. Manaslu, all programs »

Alexander Abramov, the leader of the expedition on Manaslu from base camp:

 News of the expedition "Manaslu 2017 - 7 Summits Club".


Today there  was a  nightmare night.  Wet snow  knocked down tents, broken the tent where Sherpas live, broken tent-sauna. Dr. Larin’s tent collapsed and crushed him with snow, so he thought that is an avalanche. All night we spentt, knocking the snow from  inside, dumping snow and save tents from destruction.

In the morning it was raining. But after breakfast  the sun was out and we were able to organize the Puja - opening  ceremony of the base camp. The tents are all restored. Our camp is a very comfortable. Tomorrow we will have training on ice. The next day - the first exit to the camp 1.