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28 September 2017, 07:51. Manaslu, all programs »

Alexander Abramov  from Manaslu slopes: Hello! Today at 7-30 in the morning on the Nepalese time, the first group of  the 7 Summits Club, all 12 people, has climbed on Manaslu's top. These are six Sherpas plus Sergey Larin (Head), Volodya Kotlyar, Artem Rostovtsev, Karina Mezova, Alexey Safonov and Vasily Shakhnovsky. All together!  Now they begin descent. Let's not congratulate yet, we will congratulate in the base camp. The second team is climbing up under the leadership of Abramov Alexander. They are Igor Smirnov, Zigmunt Berdychovsky and two Sherpas - now they leave the third camp for  the fourth camp, they go towards to the first team and at night they will make a summit bid. So far the weather (fie, fie, fie) is ideal. All, bye!