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29 September 2017, 06:57. Manaslu, all programs »

Alexander Abramov from Manaslu slopes: Hello! This is Abramov Alexander. We have already gone down from the top! About six o'clock in the morning, Nepal time, today our second team (Abramov, Igor Smirnov and Zigmunt Berdychovsky) have climbed on the top of Manaslu. Also with us there were two Sherpas - Dorji and Muntuk. Astounding  summit! It all is very beautiful. We have risen directly at the moment when there was the sunrise.

Now seven o'clock in the morning, we have already gone down to the fourth camp, assault camp. Very quickly we gather and we go down. We hope to be in the base camp today. Thus … yet I will tell nothing … congratulate only below. So far we are working at route. So far all participants of our expedition, eight Sherpas and eleven climbers have visited top. Good result? How do you consider? All, so long!