4 November 2017, 18:43

The climb is accomplished, the group descended to the base camp...



Message from Alexander Abramov:


Hello! This is Abramov Alexander, Irian Jaya, Papua, Pyramid Carstensz. Today our team made the ascent on the Pyramid of Carstensz. All seven people. Including among us:

- the first Belarusian to reach the Pyramid Carstensz – Vadim Frolov;

- the first Deputy of the State Duma Oleg Savchenko;

- the first Ukrainian woman who is going to finish the "seven summits" - Tatiana Jalovchak;

- the first inhabitant of Kovrov – Alexey Balakin;

-  first Ukrainian climber who climbed all "seven summits" without Carstensz, who is now also finished with the Pyramid Carstensz, but already being a citizen of Russia - Igor Pokhvalin;

- well, actually, Abramov Alexander, for the fifth time;

- Lyudmila Korobeshko, for the third time ...


In General, each of us was first in something. ... everything is fine. Of course, with the weather we were lucky. The weather is fair, we flew by helicopter. Until we saw no guerrillas, which are said to be located across two valleys from us.


I mean, we're all fine. The first part went down after 12 hours on climb, the second -after 13. On the top we went up seven and a half hours.

That is, everything was fine, "mountain of the mists" at the end on the descent fresh us with some rain.

Well, OK, now we sit waiting for our departure home.


We want to go to .... in Wamena. And spend an unforgettable party in Bali.


Here we have a cool program. We are all very pleased, we have a gorgeous camp. Tents are not wet at all. This is unique to this country, because here constantly pour rains. Well, bye!