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26 December 2017, 06:44. Vinson, all programs »

Alexander Abramov from Antarctica:

Hello! This is Alexander Abramov from Antarctica. Perfect, clear weather, but only is a strong wind. Today, however, our team started the climb. As a result, 14 people out of 16 climbed to the top of Vinson Massif. I was forced to turn down with a friend, actually from under the top. But I'm not upset because for me it would be the sixteenth summit.

Second, I want to congratulate Artem Rostovtsev, for him it was the first ascent of the Vinson Massif.

 Now I flush the water, waiting for the command in the High camp ...

 And so, all is OK. Tomorrow we will descend to base camp. And then we get on the Union and will wait for the next group to arrive 29th December. This will again be a large group - 11 members and three guides.

That is all. Thank you, goodbye!