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8 December 2017, 20:10. Vinson, all programs »
  Hello, Seven Peaks! Says Vinson's base camp, Vladimir Kotlyar and Artem Rostovtsev. We flew out of Punta Arenas this morning and flew to Union Gletcher for lunch. The weather was so perfect that we did not want to be detained and quickly "kicked out" to Vinson's base camp. In general, we stuffed our bales with food, filled our thermos with hot tea and flew to the base camp of Massiva Vinson by two planes. We have been here for two or three hours already.
By the current moment we have a headquarters tent, it's a dining room-kitchen, all the tents are installed. In general, life is adjusted ... Literally in about 10 minutes we will eat food .. Pelmeni! We took frozen ravioli with us. We decided to experiment and ...
took a little of their food ...
In short, today we took dumplings for the first day.
In general, everything is fine here, we are in the base camp of Vinson. Tomorrow at 10-11 we plan to go higher, to Camp Low Camp. Hello! All, bye!