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28 December 2023, 06:25

Boris Egorov, a guide of the 7 Summits Club, reports from Patagonia:
Hello everyone! Today is a sunny day in Patagonia again and we decided to entertain ourselves with bouldering (rock climbing) in a very beautiful, magical forest. We found special mattresses for belay, bought pies, cooked a mate and spent several hours on the rocks. When you are in the process of climbing like this, it may seem that you are lying on the mattress more than you are moving. But in fact, the body gets very tired of the extreme movements that have to be performed in order to make such micro-ascents. And this is a wonderful finger training and ninja climbing skills.

And, of course, the incredible views of our destination - Mount Fitzroy!


This area around the town of El Chalten is famous for its climbing stones. Of course, there is classical rock climbing here, but first of all it is a bouldering area where all local climbers come for the summer, and in February an international festival is even held.
In the evening, we continued our endless conversations about the weather and made plans. And for tomorrow we decided to look at our condition: arrange a light trekking the next day or climb the wall again. In any case, we will not be bored and we will spend our time usefully. Guides Boris Egorov and Vladimir Murzaev.