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13 January, 15:38

Boris Egorov, the guide of the 7 Summits Club, reports from Argentina:

Greetings from Patagonia! It's sad to report some news, but I have to. Our weather "window" collapsed and only a "window pane" remained. It happened on the eve of the exit, when the last preparations had already been made and we were ready to go to the approach to the mount of Fitzroy. We had to make plans on the go. And instead of Fitzroy, they decided to climb a small one-day wall. Still, here, on the edge of the world, you can't lose even such small opportunities. And we did the right thing! We climbed classic route on Aguja Guillaumet. Kilometers along trails and unpleasant drifts, snow and ice under the mountain and in front of the very top, but then 15 ropes of very pleasant climbing on granite of medium difficulty. We acted safely and fairly quickly. It's nice to be a well-coordinated team and enjoy climbing. Plus one steep wall passed, a little more experience and now, as Alexey said: "Fitzroy is surrounded and he has no chance left." We will try to make the ascent next time.

Guides Boris Egorov and Vladimir Murzaev