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Diary of the expedition of the 7  Summits Club on Shisha Pangma. Rest in ABC camp after a first rotation

Shishapangma, also called  Gosainthān, is the 14th highest mountain in the world at 8,027 metres (26,335 ft) above sea level. It was the last 8,000 metre peak to be climbed, due to its ... read more »
23 September 2018, 10:31:  Shisha Pangma 2018. 12, 13, 14 day expeditions. Stay in the ABC.  On Friday and Saturday, 21 and 22 September, the weather got a little worse, at night and sometimes in daytime it was snowing. This fact did not prevent us from actively exploring the surroundings of ABC: we went down to a ... MORE »

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