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2 September 2019, 17:00. Kilimanjaro, all programs »

  The 7 Summits Club organized the summer season on Kilimanjaro with our experienced guide Sergey Larin. Despite the fact that at this time in Tanzania was winter, with his help " on the roof of Africa " climbed 39 people.

Several families (mostly fathers and sons) have climbed Kilimanjaro this summer.

 With us to the top of Africa has climbed by leading managers of the group companies is the largest publishing house "EKSMO", "BUSTARD", "AST", "LITRES", "ROSEBLACK". Although it was not easy for everyone, but we did it! New climbers learned a lot about themselves, their comrades, their capabilities, and believed that what seems impossible is still possible!  We were very happy to organize the ascent for this team! It was the second peak, after Mount Elbrus, hopefully not the last!

 Meanwhile, September 1st is the beginning of the spring season in Tanzania!  Already going to bloom and bloom in full force all that is usually pleasing to the eye in Tanzania at this time.

 The dry season is still in full swing, but the mountain is getting warmer.

 And, of course, winter is coming! And where to meet the winter, if not in Tanzania!  Hot and dry! The perfect time for climbing!

 This season on Kilimanjaro with You our favorite guide for New year and Christmas holidays, Dmitry Ermakov ("snow leopard") on 23rd Feb and Februar - Artem Rostovtsev (most attentive tour guide and part - time- favorite team at Salomon skyrunning).


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