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23 November 2020, 07:19

Lyudmila Korobeshko from Panama:

Greetings from Panama! This is how our programs in Bolivia start now! From visiting one of the neighboring countries! Here is lots of sun, lots of sea (or rather two, two oceans), a lot of fish (that's how the local Indian language translates the word PANAMA), many birds (including the amazing Quetzal), many butterflies and so much more interesting. Of course, the most famous attraction is the Panama canal, which was conceived by the Spanish king in the 16th century, the French began to build in the 19th, and the Americans finished in the 20th. The canal is currently closed to tourists, but it is open to ships (each of which pays a lot of money for passage, sometimes up to half a million dollars), and you can look at it from the bridge of The two Americas, standing with your left foot on one continent and your right on the other, which is what I did first.

Tomorrow I will continue my journey to Bolivia, where I will meet with a group to climb the beautiful peak - Huayna Potosi!