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26 November 2020, 06:14

Lyudmila Korobeshko, Director of the 7 Summits Club, guide of the group from Bolivia:

November 25. Greetings from La Paz from Lyudmila Korobeshko and the group "Hasla la vista, Cochabamba"!

Early this morning, the entire group flew to the highest mountain capital of the world. This is Sucre, which few people know about. We arrived from Cochabamba, where we spent two unforgettable hours on the transfer, and this city left a lasting impression in the hearts of the group members. Despite the long flight and a day of rest according to the program, all members expressed a desire to go for a walk. We took a walk along the legendary Condor path ("Mamani" in the ayamara language) and visited the Moon Valley, which got its name from Neil Armstrong.

 The place is really very unusual and beautiful. We almost felt like astronauts. Probably also because there is almost no one else in tourist places besides us - the country opened only a month ago. Not everyone has found out about it yet.

Now we are taking a break from walking on the Lunar terrain, steaming in the bath. Tomorrow we leave for Lake Titicaca. Maybe we will be cosmonauts and discoverers there this season!