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27 November 2020, 05:49

Lyudmila Korobeshko, Director of the 7 Summits Club, a guide of the group from Bolivia:

 Greetings from Lake Titicaca from the Cochabamba group! Today we had a very beautiful and eventful day: we visited the Museum of RA II and its valiant builders - local Indians who built this and other boats for Thor Heyerdahl. Then we crossed to the Island of the Sun and wandered around it in search of titi (wild cats, thanks to which the lake got its name, pleasing to Russian ears). We didn't find titi, but we saw a stunningly beautiful sunset on the highest point of the Island of the Sun. We tasted local dishes and were most impressed by the huge local corn. We even asked the locals for seeds so that we could try to grow something similar in our homeland.

In our cozy hotel, we were the first foreigners since the beginning of the quarantine. While walking around the island, we met a group of girls (local tourists - not considered) and a single American. So we almost managed to feel like a pioneer.

Tomorrow we will move to the Island of the Moon, where young virgins were sacrificed and where in later times the Bolivian Alcatraz was located.