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Denis Provalov: the demand for a record – 11000 meters


14/05/2013 00:51

In the world there are many ideas to surprise mankind. Among them, it is possible to carry a record of difference of height of climbing up to mountains and descent down in a cave. Now it isn't known who is a leader in this category. A guide of the 7 Summits Club Denis Provalov is trying to become the first. His plan - 11000 meters was declared few years ago. On Everest he can reach 8848 meters. In the cave – Kruber's - Voronya Denis was already at a depth of 2140 meters. In the sum – 10988 meters. It will be impossible to climb higher than Everest. And it is possible to go down, probably, still more deeply. On 12 meters it is so precisely, because his colleagues already reached 2170 meters (world record).

Today Denis Provalov will start for a climb ofMount Everestfrom the base camp.












Denis as a winner of Elbrus Race

Everest (8848m or 8844m) is Earth's highest mountain above the sea level located on the border of Nepal and Tibet (China). Climbing Everest requires careful preparation: life in ... read more »

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