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17 November 2021, 19:25

I made it!!!  I can't even believe it myself! Mount Orizaba (5636 m) is taken!!! I returned from heaven to earth (from Mexico) and finally had the strength and time to tell. On November 6, starting at 2 a.m., our team of 11 people, led by the super-guides of the 7 Summits Club, climbed Mount Orizaba from a height of 4700 m.

It's very cool to be above the clouds. Nature is majestic, powerful and magnificent, and you are a grain of sand. It is difficult to convey in censored words how hard it was, mountain sickness (although we were acclimatized from November 1), a very long, steep, hard snow climb (we walked with a rope, in crampons with ice axes). Even experienced climbers said that physically it was easier on Elbrus, because there was a place to sit down to rest.

When I realized that I could no longer lift my legs, I asked them to drill me into the snow with an ice pick and pick me up on the way back, but - it is impossible, they said there is not much left, we need to walk!

 I got to the top only thanks to the guides, namely:

- Sergey Larin, who was always there, managed, supported and helped, while he managed to keep trek of the whole team;

- Julio, the local guide, who took my backpack;

- and also to the spouse who started all this, provided and prepared;

- to the daughter who said, "Mom, you have to walk";

- and to everyone I love!

 I don't know if I'm ready for such madness yet?  But I had to get out of my comfort zone, everyday life and shake myself up. I was somehow offended by the phrase: "There are a lot of smart people, but there are few brave ones"!