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19 May 2021, 20:11. Everest, all programs »


News from the Everest team led by Alex Abramov. The group decided not to go down, not to lose altitude, and stayed overnight in camp 2 (6500m). They'll wait out the weather there. Today, they held another oxygen class to eliminate all surprises at the summit climb. The group members walked to the Lhotse Wall and back with additional oxygen. In a day, it is planned to go to the third camp and then to the summit. Alex Abramov decided to abandon the oxygen-free ascent, because more it is important the success of the entire team, which he leads. The Lhotse group and part of the Everest group are at the base camp, today they walked down the valley. The schedule of their start on the ascent will also be determined by the leader of the expedition, depending on the weather situation and the forecast.