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22 May 2021, 21:38. Everest, all programs »

Information from the expedition of the 7 Summits Club "Everest – Lhotse 2021" from the base camp from Lena Abramova:

The Everest group under the leadership of Alexander Abramov has now climbed to camp 4 (8000) in full. At about 10 pm today, they will start for the summit assault. The weather has improved. All participants feel good.

The other two groups, Lhotse with Vladimir Kotlyar and Everest with Artem Rostovtsev, went up to Camp 2 today.


The "Everest-1" group of the 7 Summits Club:

Alexander Abramov (Head);

Danielle Wolfson (participant, Israel);

Anna Permilovskaya (participant, Russia);

Mikhail Mikheev (participant, Russia);

Georgy Shulepov (participant, Russia);

Dmitry Livanov (participant, Russia);

Eduard Kubatov (participant, Kyrgyzstan).


The Lhotse group led by Vladimir Kotlyar, which

today successfully reached Camp 2 (6400m). Tomorrow they plan to move to camp 3 (7100).

Vladimir Kotlyar (head);

Alexey Lonchinsky (guide);

Irina Zisman (participant, Russia);

Daniel Briman (participant, Russia);

Igor Smirnov (participant, Russia).

Group "Everest-2", which today also moved to Camp 2:

Artem Rostovtsev (guide);

Sergey Larin (doctor);

Ekaterina Lipka (participant, Russia).