13 June, 12:33

Valery Myasoedov, guide of the 7 Summits Club, from Iran:

The first team for the Damavand of the 2022 season has arrived in Tehran! Even a night flight and an early morning arrival cannot reduce the emotional mood for the long-awaited meeting with Iran! Well, Aeroflot, as always, is on top!.. Already at 6 a.m., Tehran begins to seethe, 15 million inhabitants, almost like in Moscow... A short rest at the hotel and departure for an excursion: a visit to Golestan, literally translated as the "palace of roses", the residence of several dynasties of rulers of Iran and, of course, acquaintance with Iranian cuisine. Dizi-e Sangi - stewed meat with vegetables in a stone pot.  Everyone appreciated and admired the delicious dish with the original serving. Sharbat is also a traditional drink, with a bunch of herbs and additives, but non-alcoholic, with alcohol in Iran in any way, is prohibited...

 Our organisms demanded rest, returned to the hotel, regained their senses, and in the evening went to a gala dinner at the Milod Tower. It is one of the highest towers in the world, with a rotating restaurant at an altitude of almost 300 m. The tower itself is amazing, and the panorama of evening Tehran, and the wonderful cuisine for every taste. There are a lot of local visitors, they are all so elegant and beautiful, it is clear that this is an event for them, to visit the famous landmark. And what kind of tea with saffron is there!..