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26 June 2022, 22:55. Damavand, all programs »

The guide of the 7 Summits Club Valery Myasoedov reports from Iran:

Today is the most colorful day of our entire tour! Endless slopes of scarlet poppies! At the end of June, they bloom even brighter and open above the Mosque to a height of 3,300 m. We didn't look at the time, everyone was keen on the photo shoot, which is why we came to Borgoh-e Sev almost an hour later. We didn't regret a bit, it happens once in a lifetime, to visit Iran and capture the period of flowering poppies. In the camp, as always, the best "rooms" were occupied for us, a delicious soup for a late lunch and the national dish lyubie-polo and bahlava for dinner completed this colorful day. Tomorrow, a short acclimatization to 4600 m and preparation for the ascent.  Guides Alexander Spirin and Valery Myasoedov.