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3 September 2022, 09:04. Damavand, all programs »

The guide of the 7 Summits Club Valery Myasoedov reports from Iran:

Greetings from Iran from our group! The second day of the program and immediately a test of strength. Climbing Colon Bashtak, 4120 m, 700 meters of climb. It was hot, it was dusty, but the group in full under the guidance of our permanent Iranian guide Mahyor went to the top. A small, but still an achievement.  Our team of Iranian guides is the best on the mountain!

  In the photo from the top with us, it would seem, an outsider. In fact, this is Mehdi, our regular driver, a very friendly and caring person. He also goes to the mountains sometimes, has been to Damavand more than once. And here, too, he decided to join us on the ascent. That's the kind of team we have - guides, drivers, and cooks, all people in love with the mountains.

 We went down more cheerfully. We were waiting for a hotel with single accommodation, with hot water, after such a dust! On the way, we bought half a shop of local fruits - watermelons, peaches, figs, which became a wonderful dessert for a delicious and plentiful dinner at the hotel. We deserve it!...