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since 2005
2 October 2022, 21:12

 President of the 7 Summits Club Alexander Abramov reports from Pakistan: The team "Welcome to Pakistan" from Pakistan. It is the best country. This morning, waking up in tents on the Diosai plateau, our team, tired after successfully climbing to the Highest point of Mount Shatun 5400m, was surprised to find tents littered with snow. Quickly plunging into the jeeps, we rushed down to the district center of Skardu - in the heat.

 A short road led us to paradise. We went to the Cold Desert, a unique place where the World Rally Cup takes place. These are sand dunes on which you can drive on all types of equipment. Beauty!!! In the evening we said goodbye to half of the team that finishes the trip. The second part of the team starts a new ascent of the technically difficult summit Hosar Ganga (6200m) tomorrow. There may not be a connection for 4 days.