Providing expeditions
since 2005
6 February 2023, 17:25

The main event of this year for the 7 Summits Club will be an expedition to K2. "Queen of the Mountains", the second highest peak in the World, the dream of all real climbers. A wonderful arena for the filming of the film "The High Altitude Gene-2". Today we finally decided that the shooting will be carried out in any case. RD Studio is with us!  The guests of the 7 Summits Club today were Valdis Pelsh (founder  of the RD Studia) and Kristina Kozlova (main director). The word, or rather the words that recorded our intentions, have been said. Things have been done for a long time. The quality bar raised by the film "The High Altitude Gene" is very high. We have to create a new masterpiece together.



The Hero No. 1 of the film is Sergey Bogomolov. If successful, he will become the first Russian to climb all 14 eight-thousand meters. And will also become the oldest climber on K2.


More heroes: Alexander Abramov and Lyudmila Korobeshko. They can become the first married couple to successfully climbed and descended K2.



And there are several vacancies! You are not only one step away from realizing your dream, but you will also become famous throughout the country, thanks to a film that will be watched by millions of people.  We believe in it, and we have good reasons.