7 January, 14:35

The guide of the 7 Summits Club Andrey Berezin reports from Argentina:

Bon Dias! The group "Argentina one love" continues to acclimatize and move towards the goal. Today, as part of acclimatization, we went to the Horcones gorge, under the Southern Face of Aconcagua, to a place with a beautiful name Plaza Francia. Having climbed to a height of 3955 meters, we decided not to go further, since visibility was limited.  We sat for about half an hour, drank tea, had a snack, told a portion of stories.  On the way back, it turned sharply colder and a fine rain began. We managed to get back to the camp before the serious rain.  In the evening we had a "medical check", a doctor's check showed that the condition of all participants is excellent. Tomorrow we have a long walk to the Plaza de Mulas base camp.  We hope that there will be no precipitation in the afternoon.  The guides of the group are Andrey Berezin and Viktor Volodin.