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since 2005
10 January, 12:52

The guide of the 7 Summits Club Evgeny Fedyunin reports from Tanzania:

Midnight rise, "hard night eating", everyone is grumbling a little ... The group " Akukaracha" of the 7 Summits Club begins night preparation ... the exit was scheduled for 00-00! We reached Stella Point (5756 m) right cheerfully, at 5-30 we were on the crater! A little tea and then pole pole…

At 7-00, the whole group and guides Sergey Avtomonov and Evgeny Fedyunin were at the top of Uhuru Peak 5895 m. Unlike the New Year's fuss, it was possible to take a picture and send greetings home! Only one participant set herself a high-altitude threshold of 4700, you can't argue with her health! By 9-30 we went down to the Kosovo assault camp, had a short nap, lunch, and today we need to drop another kilometer of altitude. We go further, to the Milenium camp 3800 m.