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25 August, 20:31

Guide of the 7 Summits Club Valery Myasoedov reports from Iran:

Greetings from Iran! On the second day, the "Children of Arbat" began the acclimatization part of the program. Without fuss and haste, "yavosh-yavosh", as they say here, we went up by cable car to the alpine hotel "Tochal" at an altitude of 3500 m. They passed a mandatory medical examination and settled in. We had lunch with delicious chicken kebab, let's say, as an introduction to the basics of Iranian cuisine, where a wide variety of kebabs prevail. After lunch, we rested, went for a walk to the summit of Tochal. Again, slowly, at a calm pace, we went to the top, spent half an hour there, and slightly tired, but satisfied, returned to the hotel. I think that a hot shower and a soft bed at 3500 m will make our acclimatization even more comfortable. Tomorrow we will move to Larijan, a village with hot springs and authentic kebab.