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since 2005
17 January, 12:00

Alexander Abramov, President of the 7 Summits Club, reports from the USA:

Wow, that was a birthday! 60 years, anniversary. You won't believe who you tell. It doesn't happen that way. The day started very optimistically. The sun was shining and minus 25.

The plan was to visit first the American base in Minot. Then drive to Canada and celebrate my birthday there. We even ordered a cake and a restaurant.

Our caravan was stopped at the border with Canada. At 8 hours from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m., we were checked, interrogated, all cars were carefully checked and the contents of all computers and phones were checked. Since we were already late for the restaurant, we celebrated my DR right at the border control with a performance of the Happy Birthday.

 The interrogation was going on for 8 hours. We each answered 100 questions. The funniest one was: what are my connections with the Russian Geographical Society?

And as a final point and an anniversary gift, I was given a document stating that my visa was suspended on January 12, which I should have been informed about. But they did not inform and did not name the reasons. But I can't enter Canada.

 I mean, I can't go to the North Pole. The showdown lasted several hours. Saying goodbye to the team, we hugged. As a result, Kostya Vasenko took me to the town of Minot, 150 km from the border. There is an airport there. And now it's 3 a.m. It's all so sudden.

Now I'm lying on the bed and slowly blinking away the gifts of fate for 60 years. What's it? Leap year or a gift of fate? We'll wait and see.

I'm looking at tickets to Iguassu Falls right now. Departure is in 4 hours. And what, you need to cheer up somehow.... Go ahead! The adventure continues!!!