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23 March, 13:17. North Pole, all programs »

The Transglobal Car Expedition continues despite the fact that one of its leaders, Alexander Abramov, had to leave it for a while due to the lawlessness of the Canadian authorities.  On March 21, the team covered 63 kilometers across the ice of the Arctic Ocean and got 55 kilometers closer to the pole. Now there are less than 700 km to the North Pole! The expedition set up camp at 83 degrees 47” north latitude. Fuel supplies are expected to be received from the air here.

 In general, the pace of progress has been stable over the past 10 days, thanks to the ice reconnaissance service. Only a couple of days were hampered by the lack of visibility and ice hummocks. One day there was a need to stop for a small repair. In general, cars do not fail.

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