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3 May, 19:54

Nastya Kuznetsova, a guide of the 7 Summits Club, reports from Nepal:

 News from Nepal from the Everchess team". Day of acclimatization in Namche Bazaar (3840 m). Today was a busy day! Our task was to acclimatize and see all the beauty around.  We started with the monument to Tenzing Norgay (the first Sherpa to climb Mount Everest with Edmund Hillary) surrounded by panoramas of mountain ranges including Mount Everest. For some team members, their wish to see Mount Everest has already been fulfilled right here.

Then we plunged into the life and history of Sherpas in the museum of the deaf-mute photographer Sonam. The next point was the sun terrace listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the highest mountain hotel - Everest view hotel (3880 m). We felt lucky, because we were alone in a usually crowded hotel and the view of Mount Everest opened up to us. Thanks for that!

And the most interesting thing was the live music on the piano performed by our youngest participant Peter Minko. It was amazing! Magical music on the background of stunning mountains!

Then lunch in the village of Kumjung, where the main dishes are made from potatoes. And, of course, the Kumjung Tibetan monastery, where, in addition to the yeti scalp, Tibetan books with Buddhist teachings and other relics are also kept. We returned to Namche through the rhododendron forest, the flowers of which are still in buds.

Tomorrow we will move towards the Tengboche Monastery. Everyone really wants to get into the service. Let's see how it will be.

Your guides are Valery Myasoedov, Andrey Berezin, Anastasia Kuznetsova.