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8 May, 19:41

Alex Abramov, President of the 7 Summits Club, reports from Nepal:

Today, the first ever chess tournament was held at the Everest base camp – Ever Chess. Chess players from Russia and Nepal took part in it. Grandmaster and mountaineer Alexander Ryazantsev won.



 Official information about the Russian Chess Federation tournament

The results of the Ever-Chess tournament have been summed up.

According to the results of the additional games, grandmaster Alexander Ryazantsev became the winner of the tournament, beating Yuri Kalinichenko by only half a point. Vladimir Shumilin won the bronze medal.

The prize fund was also divided among themselves in descending order: Andrey Minkov, Yulia Kholodnova, Andrey Fedorov, Peter Minkov, Alexander Abramov, German Koshelev, Gennady Dutov.

Ever-Chess was the first tournament that was successfully held at the highest point in the world (5360 meters, Everest Base Camp).

The tournament was held in a friendly and fun atmosphere. Among the spectators were citizens of Japan, Russia, the USA and Nepal.

The tournament was organized by the 7 Summits Club with the support of the Russian Chess Federation.