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26 August 2010, 17:32. Ararat, all programs »

By morning the good weather came on Ararat, and a group of climbers from 7 Summits Club to seize the opportunity. From the camp at an altitude of 4100 meters, our team reached the summit of the legendary mountain for six and a half hours. Almost all members of the expedition reached the highest point of Mount Ararat: Vladimir Babanov, Konstantin Babanov, Vladimir Gusakovsky, Alexei Kabanov, Margarita Sizikova, Tatiana Sizikova and guide Marina Nemirova. Sergei Andronov reached the height of 4700 meters.

On the descent the weather began to deteriorate gradually, and when climbers went to the camp of 3300 meters, was thick snowfall. In such conditions, the team decided to descend straight down and go to the hotel. This, of course, was difficult, but all agreed that it is better to avoid another wet night. Congratulations to the climbers and wait for their return!