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In April, make yourself or your friends a gift! This spring month, the book of the President of the 7 Summits Club Alexander Abramov is published in the Bombora publishing house, "The High Altitude Gene. The frank story of a ten-time climber of Mount Everest." The preliminary release date of the book from the printing house is April 15, 2022. 



The book is published in the series "The World of adrenaline. Books about extreme sports". Section: Traveler's Notes.




Abramov Alexander: The High Altitudet Gene. The frank story of a ten-time Everest climber"

Alexander Abramov - Master of Sports of the USSR, founder of the 7 summits Club, one of the most famous climbers in the world and the first Russian climber who twice completed the Seven summits program!

In 2015-2016, Alexander led an expedition to Everest and took part in the filming of Valdis Pelsh's film "High Altitude Gene, or How to get on Everest", in which he and his team showed the whole process of climbing to the main peak of the world.

 Here is an exciting biography, which consists of five amazing parts, in each of the chapters the author tells about his journey from the very beginning - from initiation into mountaineers and conquering Elbrus by car to the race for the leadership with Fyodor Konyukhov and creating the strongest team in the field of extreme climbing!




Biography of Alexander Abramov — one the most famous climber in Russia, who twice completed the "Seven Summits" program and made about 500 ascents of varying difficulty in dozens of countries, including 10 ascents on Mount Everest.


The climbers were always ready to help each other. You come to someone, say: guys, the food is over – I didn't calculate, the burner broke or something else happened - they will definitely help you – I didn't even think that it could be otherwise ...

The mountain can punish for carelessness, overestimation of their own strength or an incorrect assessment of the situation.

In general, you need to go to Everest only if you have realized for yourself that this ascent is more important to you than your life itself. A person should clearly understand for himself: there is a very high risk of not going down on Everest.