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27 November 2022, 07:01. Everest, all programs »

On November 26, the regular, annual Gala Evening of summing up the results of the year of the Russian Mountaineering Federation took place. In its preparation and conduct, the 7 Summits Club was a key organization. For many years of holding such events, the Illusion cinema seemed to be the most suitable, the most cozy and hospitable place. The only, but important minus – there were not enough seats. And for the rest, it turned out to be a very sincere and festive meeting of friends, veterans and youth, masters and beginners, athletes and amateurs. I think all the participants received a good charge of energy, and returned home with renewed vigor, with new plans and hopes. But with more optimism. Thanks to the federation, thank you to us, the 7 Summits Club.

An important part of the program was honoring climbers of Mount Everest in 2022. The 7 Summits Club has established a special award - the order, which is awarded to climbers who have climbed the highest peak in the World for the first time. At this evening, 12 people received it. The President of the 7 Summits Club, Alexander Abramov, also presented several climbers with another award, which he also invented himself. This is the order of the "Climber to the Seven Summits". At this gala evening, it was received by several climbers who could not attend the first presentation of this award in June this year.




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