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since 2005
16 October 2023, 00:45

We spent the night from October 13 to October 14 at the Khvaltish Hotel at an altitude of 1613 meters. It is located on the shore of the Gergebil reservoir. So far, only the first steps have been taken here to improve this promising place. We had dinner and breakfast in glamping dome tents near the hotel. There's nothing wrong with the food here. In the evening we were pleased with dancing by our friends! And in the morning there was exercise, breakfast with coffee and a long journey... Dagestan is bigger than you think. This picturesque, hospitable republic largely consists of objects of interest to tourists. You can spend a month here, but you won't see everything. This is true. But we simply did not consider it possible to ignore the oldest city of the Russian Federation, the millennial Derbent. Of course, the walls erected in the sixth century are impressive. Yes, indeed. We had a wonderful guide who courageously coped with a large group surrounded by hundreds of other tourists. At the end we had a very hearty meat lunch with fragrant local wine. And back to the buses – to the airport…

There we said goodbye to our Dagestani friends. I really want to see them again and visit Dagestan again.