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2 January, 23:48. Sidley, all programs »

A ski trip to the South Pole has just ended and here are 2 new teams now in Antarctica. The Vinson Mountain team will climb the highest peak in Antarctica. This is the key to the Seven Summits project. The ascent will be led by guides Artyom Rostovtsev and Tomasz Kobelski from Poland. There are 6 participants and 2 guides in the group. And the team went to Sidley Volcano, the highest volcano in Antarctica . This is the key to the Seven Volcanoes project. The team consists of 8 participants led by Lyudmila Korobeshko and American guide Larry Holmgren. In total, 8 people have conquered the "Seven volcanoes" in Russia at the moment. 6 more people will be added in case of luck after the expedition to Sidley Volcano. Good luck!
Alex Abramov from Aconcagua Base Camp, where this year the 7 Summits Club has six groups from the beginning of December to the end of February. We are the best!