Providing expeditions
since 2005
22 April, 21:40

Ivan Dusharin was an amazing man. He is always friendly and considerate, and at the same time an outstanding organizer, an authoritative leader. An engineer-inventor, a technician, and at the same time the author of books full of poetic attitude to mountains, to nature, to the fate of man. He has never been among the stars of mountaineering, but any athlete can envy his achievements.

 The 7 Summits Club has always been proud of its friendship with this outstanding man. And especially by the fact that he worked for us periodically as a guide.  We also remember our joint ascents of Mount Everest, Ojos del Salado and Vinson. And, of course, our joint record-breaking campaign "Seven Summits - in less than a year”, in 292 days. This is still the record for the speed of climbing all the highest peaks of the continents by one team. Only singles walked faster.