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since 2005
28 June, 22:07

Alexander Abramov has come up with a new project – extreme adventures for three days without eating. A group of employees of the 7 Summits Club is experiencing the program for themselves.

 Greetings from the "hungry" group in Krasnaya Polyana! We had a very active and eventful day today. With the start of the first cabins, the group was already climbing the cable car to meet adventures. We climbed the highest point of the area - Mount Kamenny Stolb. Along the way, we admired the alpine zone, various grasses and an abundance of wildflowers, and from the top we saw dizzying views of mountain ranges.

Very soon we went to another very beautiful place - the Mendelikha waterfalls. We overcame long descents and ascents without slowing down.

But we decided to finish our route in the Yeti Park along rope routes.

Tired, but very satisfied, by the evening we discovered such an unusual place - Glamping, where we lit a bonfire with the first stars and sang songs.

Your super guides: Kristina Putintseva and Alexander Abramov.