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19 March 2020, 10:39


Alexander Abramov, President of the 7 Summits Club:

Let's not lose heart, and not think that life is over.

The panic will end, and life goes on.

Love and take care of your loved ones, friends, partners and customers.



Russia has experienced many shocks. This is one of them.

Not the first and not the last. You have to be strong and look at everything calmly.

Close the borders -  will open.

People get sick - get well.

By and large, this is panic. World panic.


My mountain life is full of shocks. And it taught me to stay calm in any, absolutely any situation. Moreover - find the pros in any cons.

As you know, “minus to minus gives plus”.


We love ourselves and love the mountains. The mountains give us energy and an unforgettable experience. Mountains harden us, strengthen our body and psyche, mountains teach us to live and be friends, to help a friend. Mountains test people and human relationships for strength. "Mountaineering is the courage of a nation."


It will take 2-3 months and everything will work out. We will go to the mountains again. The mountains stood for millions of years and still stand.


The 7 Summits Club is preparing for the summer, for the fall. And even in the spring we are not going to lose heart.


Now the mountains of Russia are open to us.

Crimea, Caucasus, Altai, Sayans, Kamchatka and many more areas. We have a perspective. Let's live on! Let's live!


All spring we will climb the Crimean rocks.

All summer we will climb the Caucasus, Elbrus, Kazbek from the Russian side. Altai - Belukha. Sayans. Kamchatka volcanoes.

We have many mountains in Russia.

Let's discover Russia!