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since 2005
21 February 2011, 12:44

Today, 20 February, our team of 8-00 local time, ascended to one of the most unique volcanic peak of Planet Earth Mount Cotopaxi 5897m. To be honest, it was a very good climb, snow and ice, very beautiful. Caldera, even in our presence, threw out the multiple side fumarole clouds of gas with a pungent smell of sulfur. Our ascent ended with a rapid descent into Jose Ribas refuge at 4810m. We do not really stayed here, because with 23 hours of the previous day's we saw nothing but snow and ice slopes of Cotopaxi. Hungry and in climbing clothes we arrived in a small Ecuadorian town of Banos a few hours later. Now we are after a shower, fresh and washed, drink locally bottled mineral water and discussing plans for the ascent of Chimborazo