Providing expeditions
since 2005
14 July 2011, 02:45

Yesterday, on July 13, all the group climb to the top of the volcano Avachinsky 2741. As said Ludmila, the ascent was not easy, in case of a strong fog to rain and snow at the top.

"At the top we look over fumaroles, breathe gases and inspired flew down to the hot sauna and beer. All together ascent and descent took about 11 hours. Today we have a rest, drying things and go to the recreation center of Paratunka. Tomorrow starts rafting down the Bystraya river."


1. Chetvertakov George
2. Safiullina Kadriya
3. Adele Sachkov
4. Fazlutdinova Galina
5. Santos Queiriga Hugo Miguel
6. Olga Svyatkina
7. Efremov, Jaroslav
8. Tatiana Suvorova
9. Kosilov Ivan
10. Mukhametov Ratmir
11. Sidorov, Pavel
12. Skibitskiy Artur
13. Sergei Shurygin
14. Czerwinski Patryk
15. Guide Korobeshko Ludmila