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17 July 2011, 15:28

Today we received a new message about the adventures of our group of 7 Summits Club in Kamchatka. That's what Luda tell us:

Hi everybody!

Today, July 17, our team has completed rafting the river called “Fast”. This trip lasted for three days. We covered about a hundred kilometers and more than ten thresholds. Caught more than two dozen fish. Do not hurt no one bear. Today we moved to the base Paratunka for drying and rest. Tomorrow we leave to Mutnovsky base camp.
We have to climb two more Volcano:  “Gorely” and “Mutnovsky”. There is a small difficulty- all the way to Mutnovsky covered with snow, and cars cannot reach the beginning of the route. That means about 28 extra km in the snow.
But we have nothing to fear!


1. Chetvertakov George
2. Safiullina Kadriya
3. Adele Sackov
4. Fazlutdinova Galina
5. Santos Queiriga Hugo Miguel
6. Olga Svyatkina
7. Efremov, Jaroslav
8. Tatiana Suvorova
9. Kosilov Ivan
10. Mukhametov Ratmir
11. Sidorov, Pavel
12. Skibitskiy Arthur
13. Sergei Shurygin
14. Czerwinski Patryk
15. guide Korobeshko Ludmila