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since 2005
18 July 2011, 10:54

Last night we got a message from Luda:

"Here is rain falls from the very morning, but even so we did not change our plans and go under the Mutnovsky volcano, where will locate camp. They say that there is now the snow, a lot of snow, but that's okay will dig a snow cave, apparently. We will try today, as all are full of energy to climb the volcano Gorely, tomorrow at Mutnovsky, and then, day after tomorrow, we will have a free day, if things work out, and we will return to Petropavlovsk and we have already ordered night clubs.

Buy everyone".


Membership of the expedition:

1. Chetvertakov George
2. Safiullina Kadriya
3. Adele Sachkov
4. Fazlutdinova Galina
5. Santos Queiriga Hugo Miguel
6. Olga Svyatkina
7. Efremov, Jaroslav
8. Tatiana Suvorova
9. Kosilov Ivan
10. Mukhametov Ratmir
11. Sidorov, Pavel
12. Skibitskiy Artur
13. Sergei Shurygin
14. Czerwinski Patryk
15. Guide Korobeshko Ludmila