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The North Pole is the northernmost point on Earth, lying diametrically opposite the South Pole. It defines geodetic latitude 90° North, as well as the direction of True North. At the North Pole all directions point south; all lines of longitude converge there, so its longitude can be defined as any degree value. While the South Pole lies on a continental land mass, the North Pole is located in the middle of the Arctic Ocean amidst waters that are ...

50 240
5 000
Day 1
Meeting with a guide, check your individual and group gear, general instruction.
Preparation for the training trip and packing the sleds.

19:00 Introductory dinner.

Overnight at the hotel.
Day 2
10:00 Training trip in the Longyearbyen surrounding.
Overnight at the hotel.
Day 3
16:00-18:00. Information meeting, where our staff will brief you on the situation at the Barneo region, planned departure time, and answer your questions.
Packing and weighing the expedition sleds.

Overnight at the hotel.
Days 4
Transfer to the airport, security check, boarding.
Flight from Longyearbyen to Barneo (approx. flight duration: 2 hrs 30 min).

Acquaintance with Barneo Ice Camp, located at approximately 89 degrees North.
Meeting with Expedition Leader, getting information about the place of start, fixing schedule for communication. Filling bottles with fuel for stoves.

Snacks, tea, and coffee are served in Barneo mess-tent.
Boarding helicopter and loading sleds.
Taking off for place of start. Usually, it takes up to 2 hours between arriving at Barneo by plane and taking off by helicopter.
Overnight at the expedition tents (1 tent accommodates 2 persons).
Day 5-13
Ski trek to the North Pole, overnight sleeping in the expedition tents on the drifting ice. The start point will be decided in dependence on the ice conditions.
The schedule of any one of the fourteen days it takes to reach the North Pole is no different - organization works supreme.
The morning begins at 7:00 am, when team members emerge from their tents after eight hours of sleep under the 24-hour polar sun. It takes about one hour to cook and eat at the comfort temperature produced by a stove. Each person assists in breaking down camp. Once camp is broken, around 09:30, the fun begins.
Each skier chooses the place in a team chain according to their fitness. Our leading guide goes first choosing the route. A strong man follows him to help in case of not standard situation. All other team members stretch at the distance of several hundred meters. The team is concluded by a second guide who provides safety and helps the weak team members to deal with the Arctic travel. Normally we make 5-10 minutes comfort breaks every hour and have lunch break around 2 p.m. But sometimes we hit the area where a reconnaissance is needed then we break and the guides search for the way to continue the trip.
After lunch, the process begins again, until the team finally breaks around 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. Everyone helps set up camp and prepare the evening meal, and then turns in between 9:00 and 10:00 pm, exhausted after a journey of between 10-15 miles.
And that's what happens on a typical day. Of course, when your typical day includes freezing temperatures, 5-10 m high pressure ridges and open leads of freezing cold water, the experience becomes anything but, well, typical.
Day 14
On the arrival at the top of the globe we will celebrate it, and you can make a short phone call to your friends or relatives via satellite phone. We will spend a few hours nearby the Pole before helicopter takes us back to Barneo Ice Camp.
Dinner in the Barneo mess-tent.
Flight to Longyerbyen on AN-74 (approximate flight time 2 hours 30 minutes aech segment).
On arrival to Longyerbyen the transfer to the designated hotels (if needed).
Day 15
The North Pole Certificate ceremony. Time and place are to be discussed with expedition participants and announced in advance.
Night at the hotel.
Day 16
Reserve day in case of bad weather or free time in Longyearbyen. You have a chance to take part in Svalbard entertainment programs (for additional costs, booking required). Transfer to the airport for your flight home. End of our service.

Deposit for reservations 5 000 €

Full payment 60 days before

No refund if you cancel less than 60 days!

April 05 - April 18, 2025
50 240 €
April 15 - April 28, 2025
50 240 €

Price includes

  - Meeting at the Longyerbyen airport
• 2 transfers airport-hotel-airport
• Introductory dinner in Longyerbyen
• Aircraft flights Longyerbyen - Barneo – Longyerbyen
• Helicopter flights according the program
• Accommodation in the heated tents at Barneo and full catering at Barneo Camp before departure to Longyerbyen (in case the group completed expedition before the time)
• Using Barneo facilities
• Full catering at Barneo Ice Camp and on the trek
• Disposable plates, spoons, forks and cups at Barneo (2 sets per visiting a mess-tent per person)
• Rent of the safety equipment (communication, navigation aid, weapon)
• Rent of the skis with binding and ski poles
• Rent of the cargo sledge and tent
• Rent of the other group gear
• Stove fuel
• Certificate of the North Pole visit
• Festive ceremony at Longyerbyen
• Guides service
Terms of payment
1. Booking non-refundable deposit - 5000 Euro per person, payable with application. 
2. Full payment prior December 1th, 2021
3. Discounted prices, valid before December 5th, 2021

Price does not include

Travel costs from your place of residence to Longyerbyen and back
Accommodation in Longyerbyen
• Catering in Longyerbyen
• Transfers in Longyerbyen (excl. airport-hotel-airport for travel home and hotel-airport-hotel for travel to the North Pole)
• Activities in Longyerbyen
• Alcohol drinks
• Insurance against full or partial cancellation of the expedition, luggage insurance, life insurance (strongly recommended)
• Private belongings
• All the unforeseen costs related to the flights delays
• Souvenirs and postal expenses
• Overweight luggage - 25 Euro/kilo
Mandatory health insurance with the emergency evacuation coverage for 100 000 euro  

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Trip overview

Longyearbyen (Swalbard) - Barneo Ice Camp - North Pole - Barneo Ice Camp - Longyearbyen (Swalbard)

Why go there?

Experience skiing expeditions in the midnight sun to the Geographical North Pole. These are the very rewarding tours for those who can accept camping in tents and appreciate wilderness. In April the climate is at its best with temperatures ranging from -30oC to -20oC. With an aircraft we will bring you from Spitsbergen to the Ice Camp situated at the latitude approx. 89 grad. North. Well-trained skiers will walk to the Pole with skis and pulks pushing through the pressure ridges, crossing the frozen leads and experience the feelings of the real Arctic explorers. The starting point for them will be chosen in accordance with weather and ice condition to guarantee the arrival to the North Pole on the appointed day. For ski fans, who prefer to spend a night in a warm place we suggest ski tours in the vicinity of the Ice Camp during the day and rest at night in the heated tents of the Ice Camp. They also have a great chance to witness a rich activity of the camp, share the camp with world-class skydivers, scuba divers or Arctic explorers. They will fly to the Pole with a helicopter. On the Pole all parties will have a celebration and contemplate the exploits of those who succeeded or failed to reach the place on the Earth where all meridians unite. From the Pole a helicopter and a plane will bring the travelers back to the civilized world.


Good advice

Ski expedition to the North Pole - is a complex mission that demands a good physical and psychological preparation. It is always better to enjoy the trek than to suffer of it. In order to estimate your abilities and prepare yourself better, you ought to know what to expect.

Physical exercises:
You are going to walk on skis or afoot (depending on the ice conditions) for 8-10 hours daily for 6-8 days. Besides, you have to pull 30-40 kg expedition sledge with equipment, fuel, and food. The ice surface is mostly rugged, making smooth and comfortable sliding pretty unlikely.

Consult your doctor before making up a decision about expedition to the North Pole.
Previous experience of the tours, ascents, expeditions and winter camping could prove very useful.
Doing various winter sports would be very helpful.


Changes and amendments may apply to the programme, depending on the weather, ice or other conditions. It is important to consider possible delays or alterations, and take them with patience. We strongly recommend you to acquire insurance against full or partial cancellation of the expedition.

Important: Each expedition to the North Pole is the ultimate adventure full of random factors. Though we are making all possible efforts to accomplish every expedition, 7 Summits Club reserves the rights to change or cancel an itinerary due to weather and / or ice conditions, group fitness, political situation, strikes, wars, revolutions, terrorism and / or other factors beyond its control. Such changes are to be made in our customers’ interests and with regards to their safety. 


North Pole Expeditions. Terms and Conditions

  1. General Provisions

The Arctic Ocean is one of the most inhospitable regions on our planet. Logistics problems are enormous; the weather ferocious and unpredictable, ice condition is unstable. Distances are immense, facilities scarce. Safety and self-sufficiency are the paramount rules. We acknowledge and respect this. It is our obligation to warn to all clients that they like us and everyone else attempting to function in this extreme environment, are at the mercy of forces more powerful than any of us. A tight time-schedule in connection with the North Pole expedition is often unwise. Despite the expected period of calm dry weather, windstorms and blizzards as well as changes of the ice condition are a major threat to flights and groups en route. Delays of days and even weeks must be anticipated. Changes and amendments may apply to the program, depending on the weather, ice or other conditions. It is important to consider possible delays or alterations, and take them with patience. We strongly recommend buying an open date return ticket for your trip. This allows for greater flexibility in your time control. 

Our flight to the Polar region takes about 2.5 hours. We always make sure that the weather conditions are suitable for safe aircraft and helicopter operation for the journey in both directions. We keep permanent radio contact with the world-famous Barneo Ice Camp, and are awaiting for THEIR PERMISSION to depart. The aircraft crews are also in touch during the whole flight duration. 

On board of our charter flights clients are required to respect the authority of the chief pilot and comply with his instructions. While at Barneo Ice Camp, field operations manager is given authority and responsibility for the safety and comfort of all clients. During field expeditions, 7 Summits Club's lead guides are delegated similar responsibility for all participants of the expedition in their care. 

By arrival at the Barneo Ice Camp we are even more dependent on the arctic weather. Storms and unfavorable ice conditions may easily interrupt aircraft or group departs. Considering safety matters most seriously we reserve the right to make any necessary changes in the itinerary up to the full cancellation of the expedition on the final stage should the situation require this. 

Construction of the ice runway and Barneo Ice Camp — is a sophisticated logistic and technical process, which requires huge precursory work to be done. It incorporates coordination of the several air carriers' schedules, along with other involved organizations all over the country including high-ranking officials from The Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Defense and Federal Security Service. Logistic operation of the ice runway and Barneo Ice Camp construction begins long time prior to the expeditions start; for example, fuel purchase and its supply to the Arctic take place during the previous summer. That is why 7 Summits Club has to follow its Refund and Cancellation Policy in all customer relations. We strongly recommend that all our clients should carefully read these Terms and Conditions and purchase an insurance against full or partial cancellation of the expedition as a protection against an unforeseen situation leading to interruption of your expedition. 

  1. Booking and Payments

2.1. To book a place in the expedition, the client has to send us an application for the participation in the desired expedition. This application should be sent well in advance, as we have to prepare many licensing documents along with visa support (if client goes via Russia ). 

2.2. Application should contain the following information: 

— name and dates of the expedition; 
— client's full name; 
— date and place of birth; 
— gender; 
— citizenship; 
— contact phone number and e-mail 
— passport number and period of validity 
— clothes/footwear sizes 

2.3. After receiving your application, we will return a written confirmation of initial place booking and send an invoice for deposit payment. If, by the time of your application, we do not have places for the dates you specified, we will advise alternative dates, if it is not possible, we will cancel your booking with explanations of the reason for denial. If the dates are agreed, the deposit should be paid within 3 days from the invoice issue. Place in the expedition would not be secured until the deposit is paid. In case the cancellation of booking or participation was made by client, a deposit is not refundable. After receiving deposit, we will inform that booking has been made and confirm expedition itinerary. 

2.4. Large discount is applicable to the programs, which are booked and fully paid before December 1st (See rates and dates page). For programs, which are paid after December 1st, the following scheme will be applied: An advance payment of 50% (if invoice does not state otherwise) of the total cost should be paid by 1 st December. The full cost is due and payable by 1 st February. In case of late booking the total expedition cost should be paid flat by 15 th March (only if the places are available). Other terms of payment may be discussed in each individual case. All the payments are to be made in Euro. 

2.5. If the money for participation in the expedition has not been transferred according to terms stated in the paragraphs 2.3 and 2.4 of the present Terms and Conditions, 7 Summits Club reserves the right to cancel booking and retain the payments, received by that moment, except the cases, when such changes have been agreed with authorized 7 Summits Club representative. 

  1. Cancellations, Changes to Itinerary and Refunds

3.1. Should 7 Summits Club for any reason (including but not limited to insufficient number of participants by the beginning of expedition, organizational problems caused by strikes, terrorism, wars, acts of God, and other situations beyond 7 Summits Club control, which bear potential threat to life and wellbeing of participants) cancel an expedition prior to the scheduled day of departure, all money received from the client or the client's booking agents up to that time will be refunded to the client or the client's booking agents within 10 working days of such cancellation without further obligations on 7 Summits Club's part. This will be the limit of 7 Summits Club liability and we will not be responsible for other consequences of the cancellation as well as for further expenses incurred by the client or client's agent, including non-refundable airline tickets, special clothes and equipment purchase, visa and passport fees and other expenses. 

3.2. Expeditions to the high latitudes are extremely dependent on the ice and weather conditions. 7 Summits Club makes every effort to follow planned expedition itinerary, however we cannot accept responsibility for changes, caused by the factors beyond our control. In these situations 7 Summits Club reserve the right to change expeditions' itineraries, dates and routes without warning and further obligations to the clients. It is understood that such decisions will be made in the best interest of all clients and with regard to safety of all expedition members. Participants have no right to any refund or other considerations in the event of these inevitable itinerary changes. Rescheduling does not represent cancellation of the expedition by 7 Summits Club. We will make any effort to ensure our clients' expectations were met. However, to avoid problems caused by the changes in itinerary we strongly recommend buying an open date ticket for your trip back to the place of residence. 

3.3. 7 Summits Club leaders and guides will do all their best to solve any possible issue for the good of the group and expedition on the whole. If, during the expedition or 3-day advance period, a responsible 7 Summits Club representative (whether Captain, Field Manager or Guide) would decide that the client is not capable of participating or continuing the expedition without jeopardizing the life or health of other participants, or 7 Summits Club personnel — agency reserve the right to cancel or discontinue client's participation in the expedition. In this case, 7 Summits Club will make any effort for client's safe return to the Barneo Ice Camp and further to Longyearbyen ( Spitsbergen ) at the first chance, but no compensations will be made. Payment for all the unscheduled flights, arising as a result of the aforesaid matter, should be made by client to 7 Summits Club within three days after the expedition close. 

3.4. Should the client or the client's booking agents cancel their booking prior to 1st December, 7 Summits Club will reimburse the sum received from the client or client's booking agents by the afore-mentioned date, except non-refundable booking deposit. 7 Summits Club will refund the balance within 14 workdays from cancellation. 

3.5. Should the client or the client's booking agents cancel their booking after 1st December, no refunds will be payable by 7 Summits Club. All inquires related to cancellations or refunds should be received in writing.

3.6. Prices quoted are based on group participation and no refunds will be made for any part of the program in which the clients choose not to participate, including any helicopter flying time. 

3.7. 7 Summits Club agents and representatives other than authorized personnel are not entitled to promise any compensation to the clients. Such oral promises do not commit 7 Summits Club to anything. 

  1. Prices and rates

4.1. All the prices are given in Euro. 

4.2. Trip rates are based on tariffs and exchange rates in effect at the time of printing and are subject to change prior to departure. Substantial changes in tariffs, exchange rates, and price of fuel, services and labor sometimes increase the cost of trips arrangements significantly, and we reserve the right to alter our prices accordingly, presenting a written notice to our booking agents or/and clients. 

  1. Liability

5.1. 7 Summits Club, its owners and employees assume no responsibility or liability for any political, meteorological, climatic, or other event or for the services of transportation companies, contractors, or other principals for which we act as agents. Due to the nature of the destination it is normal to encounter flight delays and/or changes of itineraries, in the event of which all additional expenses will be borne by the client. 

5.2. 7 Summits Club accept no responsibility for any accidents, injuries, diseases, death, loss of property and other damage caused to the members of the expedition and clients or by the members of the expedition and clients to the third persons, if this damage or loss was caused through no fault of 7 Summits Club or happened as a result of knowing violation of the Accident Prevent (Safety Measures) Regulations, which are in force in Russian Federation, by the members of the expedition or the clients. Before the departure, our representative will introduce everybody with Safety Measures. All clients have to sign Waiver.

5.3. In case of medical problems, requiring evacuation, using aircraft transportation and other expenses, client holds all responsibilities for such expenditure. All participants have to acquire insurance enough for covering medical aid and evacuation expenses. 

5.4. 7 Summits Club strongly urges the individual clients to obtain appropriate insurance coverage. Client's baggage is at owner's risk entirely. 

5.5. All legal inquires and Claims from the clients or the client's booking agents should be addressed to VICAAR's office in St. Petersburg in writing within 14 days after the expedition ending otherwise no claims will be accepted by VICAAR. 

5.6. By forwarding application and deposit, client certifies that he / she has fully read and understood these Terms and Conditionsand does not have any mental, physical or other limitations or disability that might carry a potential risk for oneself or other participants.


Personal gear

You should bring your own:
Plastic mug with press-on cap : 1
Strong plastic spoon:1
Plastic bowl of 2-3 cups capacity:1
1 L stainless steel thermos:1
Knife :1
Carabiners : 2 standard
Sunglasses or goggles 100% UV & IR :1
Sun cream: SPF 40 large tube
Hygienic lipstick: SPF 40, at least 2 pieces
Personal medical kit: medicine, you normally take, along with aspirin, plaster, bandage, etc.
Personal hygienic kit incl. toilet paper, toothbrush, etc.
Wide-mouthed plastic bottle for using as an urinal in the night: 1
Large bag or rucksack for your gear: 1 or 2
Casual look garment for civilized places
Thin underwear made of Polycolon: 2 sets
Expedition thermal underwear made of Power Stretch: 1 set
Polartec 200 jacket and trousers: 1 set
Storm shell jacket and pants: 1 set
Warm coat and trousers with Thinsulate insulation: 1 set
Light hat with Windstopper membrane: 1
Hat for sleeping: 1
Windstopper pile hat: 1
Polycolon balaclava: 1
Thick expedition socks: 2 pairs
Expedition footwear: 1 pair
Thinsulate shoes for using in tent: 1 pair
Expedition mittens: 1 pair
Thinsulate mittens: 1 pair
WindPro gloves: 1 pair
Individual sleeping bag liner: 1
40 L backpack: 1
6 mm rope: 10 m

Free rented:
Expedition tent: 1 for two persons
Ski with binding: 1 pair
Ski poles: 1 pair
Cargo sledge: 1
Expedition class (-30 C°) sleeping bag
Sleeping mats 40 mm
Cooking stove with fuel, cooking utensils
Litter bags

Other useful things you might bring:

Chemical hand- and foot-warmer bags
Neoprene face mask
Compression stuff bags
Photo and video equipment