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since 2005

Lenin Peak is the best start for the "Snow Leopard" climbing program (all five seven-thousanders of the former USSR) and also the best initiation into high altitude climbing and into eight-thousanders’ world accordingly. The "Snow Leopard" title used to be one of the highest sports titles in the former Soviet Union.

Lenin Peak, set in extremely beautiful, powerful scenery, is probably the easiest 7000m peak in the world. As to the technical difficulties of the classic route (from north), it is a straightforward climb, similar in grade to those on Mont Blanc and Elbrus. Yet, the mountain is really high (2300m higher than Mont Blanc and 1500m than Elbrus), so it is by no means a "snow plod". Normally there is a trail in snow between the camps and from the assault camp to the summit, yet, the long final ridge has a couple of exposed pitches. These are climbed roped up, moving together. The glacier between BC and Camp 2 is crevassed and there is some risk (not high) of avalanches.

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