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Day 1
1/Arrival in Bogota (2660 m).

Meeting at the airport and transfer to the hotel. After lunch - Bogota city tour. Walk to the center. Ascent by cable car to the Sanctuary of Montserrat at an altitude of 3152 m, from where you can see the city. Duration 3-4 hours.
Day 2
2/Flight Bogota - Salento (1919 m) - Coffee tour.

Transfer to the domestic terminal for flight (1 hour) to Armenia / Pereira. Upon arrival, transfer to Salento - is a typical coffee town with colonial architectural style "paisa" and a relaxed atmosphere. Accommodation at the hotel.
In the afternoon, the group will go on a coffee tour to one of the traditional coffee farms. The coffee tour shows the entire production of coffee from the seeds to the final product. It also includes a coffee tasting.
Day 3
3/Trekking to the camp "La Argentina" (3483 m).

Early departure by jeep to the Kokora Valley (30 min), 2425 m
Loading luggage on horses and trekking through the mountain rainforest to the mountain farm "La Argentina" for acclimatization. Overnight in tents. Ascent: 1058 m / Maximum altitude: 3483 m / Distance 10.7 km / Activity: 6-7 hours.
Day 4
4/Trekking to the camp "La Primavera" (3769 m).

Continue trekking along the northern outskirts of Quebrada Cardenas, through the abandoned farm of Buenos Aires, descend via river crossing along the ascending trail to the mountain pass "La Linea" (4019 m), which separates the states of Quindio and Tolima, which offers excellent views of Paramillo del Quindio (4745 m) is the highest peak of the state of Quindio and Nevado del Tolima in the neighboring valley. From the pass, you can easily walk down to La Primavera / La Playa farm, where you will be offered a hot local drink agua de panela (hot drink with raw sugar) or coffee.
Overnight in tents. Ascent: 536 m / Descent: 250 m / Maximum altitude: 4019 m / Distance: 5.8 km / Activity: 4-5 hours.
Day 5
5/Trekking to the high-altitude camp of Tolima (4345 m).

Trekking to the high camp of Nevado del Tolima. Trekking along the Tolima Valley, which is gentle rise with interesting landscapes, views of the volcanoes and valleys below. The last section goes along a steep mountain slope to the El Calvito ridge, and from there the trakking to the Arenales Camping, which is located above the yellow sand moraine. After setting up the camp, the guide will instruct you about climbing the next day and help prepare everything. There will be horses for transport equipment and food . Overnight in a tents. Ascent: 576 m / Maximum altitude: 4345 m / Distance: 8.4 km / Activity: 4-5 hours.
Day 6
6/Ascent: Nevado del Tolima (5221 m).

Early departure from the high-altitude camp, ascent along a series of moraines of different steepness and trekking to the glacier at altitude of 4750 m. Then we reach the summit. Nevado del Tolima is an active volcano. The ascent is not technically difficult.
Descent to the Camp La Primavera farm (3769 m).
Day 7
7/Descent to Salento (1919 m). Overnight at the hotel.

Descent via beautiful landscapes and rainforests in the famous Kokora Valley, located at altitude of 2425 m. Return to Salento by jeep (25 min.) Upon arrival in Salento accommodation hotel located in the colonial part of the city. Overnight at the hotel. Descent: 1058 m / Highest altitude: 3483 m / Distance 10.7 km / Activity: 4-5 hours.
Day 8
8/Armenia / Pereira - Santa Marta (Caribbean coast)

Transfer to Armenia / Pereira airport (1 hour) and flight (3 hours) to Santa Marta via Bogota. Upon arrival in Santa Marta transfer (45 min.) to centrally located hotel and, depending on the time of arrival, a walking tour of this historic center (2-3 hours), which was actually the first to be founded in Colombia by the Spanish. In the evening will briefing and preparation for the upcoming trip to the Lost City.
Day 9
9/Start of the trek to the Lost City. Trek to El Paraiso (870 m).

Drive to the northeast along the Caribbean coast to the El Mamey village (2-3 hours). Lunch and then trek to Ciudad Perdida. Tropical fruits are offered during the trek. The trek will pass through the territory of the Kogi tribe. Overnight at the village house "El Paraiso" (870 m), located right on the banks of the Buritaka River - a fantastic place to relax and swim.
Day 10
10/The Lost City and descent to the town of Mumake.

A very early hike along the trail on the right bank of the Buritaka River, about 25 minutes, the archaeological staircase begins to climb quite steeply to the first terraces of the Lost City (1175 m). From here begins a journey through time to one of the most interesting archaeological sites of the "pre-Spanish" period in Colombia.
The Lost City of Tyrone is world famous. Its original name of the indigenous peoples is "Teyuna". This is one of the three major strongholds of the extinct civilization of Tyrone. Teiuna is only one city that has been open so far and thus partially rebuilt. The towns of Tyrona were connected by an intricate network of trails from the coastal Caribbean to the high mountains in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Tyrone had a well-developed social organization and efficient system of exchanging food and goods between different settlements. While there is no exact information about Teiuna's role in Tyrone culture, it is believed to have been a place of religious worship and a center of political power.
During the 4-hour visit to the archaeological site, the group will learn about the different types of terraces and how the city was divided into districts according to the hierarchy and types of work. During the visit, you can see the house of Kogi Mamo (wise shaman), who lives in the same traditional way as its inhabitants. It is also believed that the Kogi are the descendants of Tayronas, driven to higher lands during the Spanish conquest.
Day 11
11/Return to the hotel on the coast.

Final trekking day. From the house "Mumake" (389 m) descent to the final destination El-Mamey. Lunch followed by transfer to your hotel on the coast.
Day 12
12/Rest on the beaches. Tayrona National Park. In the evening, departure to the airport and flight to Bogota.

Full day excursion to Tayrona National Park. It is one of the most famous natural parks in Colombia with one of the most beautiful beaches on the Colombian Caribbean coast, right at the foot of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta hills, the highest coastal mountain range in the world. The park has a protected area of ​​150 km2 and 30 km2 of the sea and is the second most visited park in the country. Due to privileged location, there is a tremendous biodiversity as well as archaeological ruins such as Pueblito.
From the main parking lot of the park, you can walk along the coastline to Arrecife (1 hour), a famous spot in the park. From there another 25 minutes to La Piscina beach and 20 minutes to El Cabo San Juan.
Day 13
13/Transfer to the Bogota airport and flight home.

Deposit for reservations 500 $

Full payment 60 days before

No refund if you cancel less than 60 days!

August 16 - August 25, 2024
5 020 $

Price includes

Bogota City tour.
Local English-speaking mountain guide during the program.
Local assistant mountain guide in Los Nevados.
A trip to the "Lost City".
Transportation during the program.
Coffee tour in Salento.
Santa Marta city tour - half day.
Tyrone National Park - full day.
National park entrance fees and park insurance.
2 nights in double rooms in Bogota.
2 nights in double rooms in Salento.
1 night in a double rooms in Santa Marta.
1 night in double rooms on the coast (Tairona N. P.)
4 nights in double tents in campings in Los Nevados N. P.
2 nights in hammocks on "Lost City" tour.
Mountain tents - 2 people in a tent in Los Nevados.
Group shared camping equipment.
Horses for group equipment, food, and personal gear in Los Nevados.
Horses for personal equipment during a trip to the "Lost City".
Breakfasts during the program, lunches and dinners on trekking.
Guide from the 7 Summits Club

Price does not include

Domestic flights ($ 290 for 3 flights)
International flights
Personal climbing equipment (crampons, ice ax, helmet can be rented for $ 15 per item)
Medical insurance
Personal expenses
Single accommodation (300 dollars for the all program)

Colombia, Nevado del Tolima (5215m), Mountaineering

Trip overview

Bogota - Armenia / Pereira – Salento –T rekking (La Argentina Farm, La Primavera Farm, La Primavera Farm, Tolima High Camp») - Ascent of Nevado del Tolima (5221 m) - Salento-Armenia / Pereira - Santa Marta - The ancient City ("Donde Adan", "El Paraiso", El Mamey) – Tairona National Park  - Santa Marta - Bogota.

You can participate only in the first part – program for 8 days – ascent on the Tolima volcano. The price in this case - 2700 USD.

Why go there?

Colombia is a remarkable example of the mutual combination of Spanish and Indian culture. On our trip to Colombia, you will have the opportunity to touch all sides of the multifaceted history of Colombia.

Spanish seaside colonies and lost in the jungle Indian city, volcanoes of central Colombia - all Colombia in two weeks.

Volcano Nevado del Tolima (5221m) is the most beautiful volcano in Colombia. Trekking starts in the jungle and goes through all climatic zones to the glaciers. 

In the jungle of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, located ancient Indian city, founded 4 centuries earlier than the famous Machu Picchu, local tribes were famous as the best gold craftsmen in all of South America. 

Tour to the "Lost City" is combined program, that will be of interest to everyone. Cultural attractions, trekking and beaches are harmoniously linked in one exciting Colombian journey.


from +25C in cities
up to +40C on the coast and in the jungle
at the top of Tolima to -10C

Internet, phone

Communication will be only on cities. In the jungle and on the ascent, there is almost no connection (only occasionally with a local SIM).

Personal gear

Storm jacket with membrane
Fleece jacket
Storm trousers with membrane
Trekking trousers
Thin thermal underwear
Warm climbing socks
Thin trekking socks
Gloves up to -10C
Fleece hat
T-shirt, long sleeve shirt
Rain cover
Mountaineering technical boots, up to 5000m
Trekking sneakers
Trekking sandals
Fall arrest system (waist arbor)
Carabiner with clutch
Ice ax
Telescopic sticks
Climbing glasses
Backpack 40-50 liters
Baul 120L
Sleeping bag for -10C extreme
Flat mat
Flask for water 1L

... soap, towel, sukhari