8 January 2022, 21:01

Boris Egorov, guide of the 7 Summits Club, from Mexico: 

And we continue to warm up on the rocks in the Northern part of Mexico. We came to El Potrero Chico precisely because there are a huge number of multi-pitches (long climbing routes).  And this is exactly what you need to work out the interaction on the wall and develop strength endurance.   Yesterday we quickly climbed a rather long route of 12 pitches. Alexey was in the lead all the way, and the guides only served the delays and enjoyed the views like tourists. After the descent, we decided to run to a small tower before the pile, it looks like we have a solid collection of such rock "spires". At this point, we believe that the preparation is over and we have a whole day of flights and transfers to get to the canyon with a big rock walls.