15 January 2022, 23:51

Boris Egorov, guide of the 7 Summits Club, from Mexico:

Long-awaited news from Mexico. Yesterday at two o'clock in the afternoon our team climbed the last rope of the huge wall, it is called El Gigante.  It was an incredible adventure! Three and a half days of continuous vertical movement, three nights suspended on inflatable platforms. There were practically no places on our route where you could at least stand, they were hanging in safety systems all the time. The rock is very wild, there is no one around, we have not seen a soul during the entire ascent. But it turned out to be absolutely detached from everything in the world, there were only us, the wall and our multi-kilogram trunks, which we dragged up after us. There are only a few such ascents in the world, and even more so in such exotic places. (Even just to get under the wall, we needed local guides with machetes). Of course, this is not our first rock adventure with Alexey and Zhenya, but we are experiencing such difficulty and danger for the first time. And such an event will be all the more memorable. Guides Boris Egorov and Vladimir Murzaev.